In reading an article earlier this week on what drives success, I got to thinking about how we could translate those 3 attributes into a workout. Luckily 3 other PAX came out in the 15 degree weather to experience this.

The Thang:
3 rounds of 15 count each:
– ssh
– iw
– merkins
– lbc
– high five burpees
– prisoner squats
– alternating lunges
– curb merkins
– lbd (little baby dips)
– high five plank

round 1- normal- high energy warmup
round 2- question form, quality
round 3- listen carefully to the Q- a few random surprises thrown into the mix

Dealers choice Mary:
Hammers x15
Freddy Mercury x15
Slow Flutter x15


tclaps to Howard for sticking strong and coming back to full health
tclaps to Ceelo for pushing through- this guys never gives up
tclaps to Coney for posting and bringing some of that weatherstone energy to the mix.
Danger Zone has a twitter handle:

Howard closed us out.