23 for March Madness (MJ)/ Belated Birthday (23×2)

21 PAX gathered for a March Madness/ Belated Birthday themed Q.  23 was the number theme since YHC turned 23 for the 2nd time.  No FNGs, short disclaimers given and we began.

Warmup: 23 SSHs, 23 IWs, 23 MCs, 23 PJs.  Rules provided 1 whisle blow= let’s go, 2= 2 burpees, 3=3 burpees

2 burpees, 3 burpees then run to front of park; 2 burpees, 3 burpees then Indian Run to school; 2,3 burpees

Circle up at Basketball Court:  23 Air Squats, 23 MCs, 23 MCs.  Count off then split into 2 groups.

Sprints on court (23 sec drills) x 2 each group

Group 1- one free throw shooter then one 3 pt shooter  Make= 23 merkins; Miss= 23 sec drill

Group 2- alternate b/t 23 MCs, 23 PJs, 23 FMs.    then Flapjack

2, then 3 burpees then Indian Run back to front of park; 2, then 3 burpees

Rock work: 23 curls, 23 squat press, 23 TC ext, 23 MCs

BOR OYO during Michael Jordan rock trivia (PAX got 2/3 trivia questions right so 23 burpees avoided).

Mary at Picnic Tables: 23 LR stepups, 23 MCs, 23 FMs, 23 flutterkicks, 23 AHs

23 Theme revealed & verse of the day is Psalm 23 The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.

Prayer requests: Azul- treatment upcoming for rectal cancer, YHC took us out in prayer.

QIC: Dabo
Workout Date: 03/22/19
The PAX: Aflac, Bags, Doubtfire, CocoCrisp, CDC, Barney Fife, B&E, Beavis, Magellan, Mayhem, Papercut, Pygmy, Sanddollar, Snookie, Tinkertoy, TP, VHS, WallE, xxx, xxx, xxx & Dabo

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