22 PAX on 2/2 – numbertastic…..

Mumblechatter was all the good things that Mumblechatter should be….interesting, amusing, engaging and vaguely abusive towards the Q. After giving Franklin advanced notification of our route, and despite threats to run off in the opposite direction, PAX limbered up following YHC along a meandering route to circle up in front of Fidelity.
Warm Up:
Arriving at Fidelity, PAX quickly settled into: 20 x good mornings; 20 x hillbillies; 20 x cotton pickers; 20 x plankjacks; *HOLD IT*; 20 x mountain climber; *HOLD IT*; Count off AND remember your number (very important).
The Thangs
After giving Franklin advanced notification of our route, a brief run over to the Hotel on Ambassador loop for a plank hold / thorough inspection of the wooden decking.
In total everyone had 22 Burpees to do. Starting from plank hold on the deck, do your number of Burpees and then bearcrawl alongside the train track, before running back to the deck and completing your Burpees upto a total of 22. Plank it out when done.
After giving Franklin advanced notification of our route, a recovery run to Pocket Park for some more work. Odd numbers start at the far end of the park; even numbers start at the near end of the park. Going to be doing 30 somethings at each end, and running inbetween:
• FAR END – 10, 15, 20 box jumps, 20, 15, 10 dips
• NEAR END – 10, 15, 20 merkins; 20, 15, 10 derkins
Plank hold until everyone done
After giving Franklin advanced notification of our route, a brisk run to Cary Train Station, and 2 x perimeter runs around the station buildings, stopping at every cross walk to do “Abbey Road” lunge walks across, 10 merkins, and then lunge walk back (in a tip of the hat to The Beatles). Odd numbers going clockwise, evens counter-clockwise.
Recovery run to Academy street, where we returned to the parking lot with an age-discriminatory Billy Run / Burpee combo.
Mary – 30 x LBCs; 30 x American Hammer; 30 x plank jacks; 30 x box cutters; 30 x Freddie Mercuries (McCants); 30 low flutter kicks (Katniss); 30 x more stuff….YHC ran out of steam a bit!
• Announcements – Krispy Kreme challenge + Q school.
• Prayers – Chinese Downhills M and her surgery; Khaki’s and safe travels in India; Waterwings and his M awaiting caesarian; all unsaid prayers and praises
o YHC was called out for running on wrong side of road to get to Fidelity was fine…surely, sides can’t really be “wrong”, they just “are”.…
o European trains are electrified.
o Pocket Park – is that like an official name, or what?
o Note to self, don’t travel to the UK and stand in the immigration line with Hermes. Ever. Border guards probably won’t take kindly to his declaration.
o Franklin is surprisingly terrified of being left to fend for himself on the mean streets of downtown Cary.
o Stiff competition for the inspired quotes of the day:
 Ma Bell: Get your Rear End to the Near End
 McCants: Can I be John Lungin’ (whilst doing Beatles tribute Abbey Road Lunge Walk)
 YHC: It looked bigger on GOOGLE EARTH………

Privilege to lead men, thank you.

Workout Date:
The PAX:


  1. Franklin

    So if you are unaware- Sky Blue and I work together. First, he asks me to help him with the list of PAX. I review it kindly, I point out 2 of his 3 typos in peoples names and I help him fill in the blanks with the missing PAX. He only bothers to fix one of his typos. Sorry Open Out – I tried. He also fixed the one that the accounting set (Denali, Nabisco, etc would have been most amused with). In fact, I might start calling PBX, PBC instead.
    Next, he asks me to post his backblast for him – which he has lined with derogatory comments about me in. I take the high road and post it as is – but beware Sky Blue, beware……

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