Two years ago Mr. Rogers and YHC started a Wednesday workout to try to split up the gargantuan UJ into a more manageable size.  In typical F3 form, instead, we just grew a whole new group of pax that workout in the gloom.  Too cool.  This morning we had 28 show up for the anniversary bash.  It was tough, but fun.


2 burpees – 1 for each year

24 IW – 1 for each month

104 SSH in cadence – 1 for each week


Mosey over to the track/field and partner up.  Needed to knock out the 730 for each day of the past two years.

Partner cumulative – 130 merkins, 200 monkey humpers, 200 LBC’s, 200 plank jacks

World’s longest Indian Run – 1 lap around the track.

To baseball field for bad news bears.  Bear crawl around bases, 26 merkins at each base.

Peoples chair for 10 count down the line.

Lunge walk around the bases with 26 monkey humpers at each base.  Borland did compliment my form (so proud).

BTW for 10 count down the line.

One more Indian Run (this time in two groups due to the complaints first time around – whiners).


24 WW2

24 LBC’s

2 burpees

ANNOUNCEMENTS: At Juggernaut this Friday hand off of site Q’s.  Convergences on Monday – 5:30 at Mordecai House, 7am Art Museum.  9-11 Stair Climb at Vaughn Tower.

PRAYER REQUESTS:  Kids headed back to school – for a good start.  Manchester’s buddy has sever krone’s disease.  YHC’s mother-in-law.