When YHC was in high school our soccer team screwed around one game and our coach decided to have a good old fashion whooping on us the next practice. We knew we were in trouble when there were no balls, no soccer nets only a field and cones. With what was one of my hardest beatdowns yet YHC wanted to show the PAX that you don’t need any fancy equipment to push yourself just a little creativity.

The Thang:

Warm up in cadence: SSH, Squats, High Knees, Butt kickers, Solider kicks x15

Scout run to The Grove, keep the PAX tight and front man sprints out and back

Front of “The Grove” for some beatdown in front of the Yard Sale traffic from Main St.

AMRAP 6 min: Foot release squat, sprint across grass (100 yards), Irkens

Mosey up to stage for some PAX core work in cadence: Superman’s, Box Cutters, Freddy Mercury, Heels to heaven, Plank-a-rama (Regular, L arm up, R arm up, R leg and arm up, L leg and arm up)

Partner work: 1 partner does bar rows while partner runs to flags and back (40 yards) 3 rounds total.

Mosey to grass for Plank Leap Frog, all 11 PAX get in plank and one at a time leap frog over each man. Each PAX performs 2 rounds total.

Scout PAX run back to the Home Base

AMRAP under shelter 45 sec each; Step ups, foot release squats, Dips, Irkens

Circle up for some Mary: In cadence  WWI (20), American Hammer (15), LBC’s (20)

COT/BOM: Prayers for family members with illness, Crab Legs, New Jobs and challenges at work.

2 FNGs: NUG and Drago! A lot of leakage this AM, some spilled merlot, and everybody got their fill! Great push by all the guys. Everybody got about 2 miles throughout the entire bootcamp beatdown. CSAUP at the drag strip= epic potential. BRR 2019 already in the talks. Anybody want a chicken leg?

Stretch Out, see you in the gloom!