No better way than to celebrate the upcoming holiday with 12 days of Christmas to spread cheer (aka gloom) through the morning air.

Warm Up:  Brisk jog around the front of the school followed by warm up exercises of SSH x14, Good Morning x13, and Mountain Climber x12.

After a quick warmup, everyone headed to the drainage area and grabbed a rock.  The PAX then proceeded to the front of the school for the main festivities.  The exercises were completed in descending order, but starting with number 1.  After each diamond gripped derkin, a lap around the parking lot was knocked out prior to moving up in count to the next exercise.  The sequence of exercises were as follows: (1) Diamond derkin, (2) Squats with rock above head, (3) Tricep presses, (4) Burpees, (5) Wonderbra, (6) WWII’s with rock, (7) Bicep curls, (8) Lunge jumps, (9) Carolina dry docks, (10) Plank jacks, (11) Dips, (12) Box jumps.  We ran out of time as soon as the box jumps were completed, so everyone quickly returned their rocks.

Mary: Notta.

COT:  Continued prayer requests for Banana Seat, Moby’s coworker suffering from an unknown illness