27 PAX braved the crisp 19 degrees to find out first-hand what YHC and Adolphus had in store for their debut co-Q at Churham’s newest AO – Animal House.  Amidst the ever-lengthening string of text chirping and trash-talking with Blindside & Wheezer, the plans were formulated, tweaked and improved to deliver maximum destruction.   With the morning upon us, the PAX circled up for a proper Adolphus-led warmup.

SSH (x20 IC)
Perkins ‘aka perfect merkins’ (x10 IC)
Willie Mays Hayes (x10 IC)
BWS (x10 IC)

The Thang
Boisterous co-site Q Blindside repeated (& repeated…and repeated) his desire for a bear crawl down the newest BFH that the Animal House AO has included within the Churham line up.  While the original BFH at Rameses (aka Tarheel Warrior Mountain) still retains the title as the original BFH to conquer…the Animal House BFH has already contributed to the spilled merlot of a selected few PAX in its young, 4-week existence.   Bear crawl down the hill?  Too easy says Adolphus.  We’ll make them wheelbarrow.
PAX partnered up and wheelbarrowed downhill.  Run back up & switch positions; wheelbarrow repeato.

Once at the bottom, Adolphus shouted out instructions.  Jacob’s Ladder; total 10 reps. Start with 9 burpees at the bottom; run to the top; 1 BWS.  Run back down; 8 burpees at the bottom, run to the top; 2 BWS.  Repeato until 1 burpee at the bottom; 9 BWS at the top.  Walt led the PAX in a round of dips and low-squat hold until all were finished.

YHC took over and instructed the PAX to choose a coupon from the ridiculous pile of coupons assembled at AH.  Sandbags, metal plates, rucks, dumbbells and plastic containers full of sand.  It was like Christmas… if you like cold, hard steel and the feeling of 40lbs of wet sand draped around your neck.

The PAX hustled back down the hill to the track and were quickly divided into 2 teams.
Each team member was to run a lap of the track with their selected coupon (35lbs +), then complete the following:

  • 10 coupon squat-press (x10 OYO)
  • Pullups with toes-to-bar (x5 OYO)
  • Merkins (x15 OYO)
  • Dips (x15 OYO)

Once a lap & 4-exercise cycle was completed, mark your lap for either Team 1 or Team 2…and do itgain.  Give n our time constraints, each PAX finished  2 laps, equating to an approximate tally of 25 laps for each team.   As an added incentive to winning – the team with fewer laps was to be penalized by burpee; complete the same number of burpees as the number of laps complete by the winning team. But, in the spirit of giving to all PAX equally – the command was given for 25 burpees for all.

The PAX circled up for name-o-rama and rattled off their timeline in F3. The range include guys for whom this was only their 2nd workout alongside those who’d been posting for 4 years (Adolphus).  Thanks Adolphus for launching F3 Chapel Hill.  We all owe you a great deal of gratitude for your leadership and hard work – especially during the early days of frequent solo posts in the cold, gloom.

T-claps to Blindside, Wheezer and Au Jus for launching the newest AO in the F3 Churham lineup.  The Animal House AO is a solid addition to the growing lineup across F3 Chapel Hill & Durham and will claim the merlot of many, many (many) PAX in the months to come.