18 made it out on a great Good Friday for a little something I dreamt up called the 10 minute man.
Preblast is here that gives all the instructions.

At the end of it, we covered right at 5 miles, give or take .10 that is added to my GPS watch for all the flailing around one does while doing LBCs. I bet everyone did 100-200 pushups, sit ups, squats and ran 5 miles; a nice caloric deficit to start your day. Kool-Aid, Pepe, Chip, Horse-hair and Sunshine were all near the front. The group stayed together well and everyone was treated to MacGruber’s banter.
– 6 am tomorrow at NCMA is a speedruck for distance. The guys plan on getting 8-10 miles in as a final simulation for the real deal next Friday.
– 6:30 am on Saturday at NCMA, you can stay for Whiplash
– Mr Bigglesworth wants a headcount on anyone that would be interested in either a Tuesday or Thursday night evening run in anticipation of BRR and fall marathons
– MacGruber is looking to get a team together for the GOMR, a BRR styled event in Sparta, NC created by a fellow F3’er.
– YHC will be taking over as Site Q at Tahoe from Pepe. This has been one of my favorite workouts since arriving in Raleigh and Pepe has got a good thing going here; I’m happy to continue.
o I encourage anyone doing the BRR to take a week and Q this bad boy once over the coming months