A beautiful slick cam morning greeted the runpax to Front St in Beaufort, with a balmy 57°.  Perfect “running weather” as proclaimed by our local expert Knottyhead.  YHC rolled up behind Puddles and former half-Carterican Gilligan, soon joined by the Raleigh/Chapel Hill contingent of Au Jus and Quagmire.  Creeping in thru the gloom appeared Boss Tweed followed by Bunion doing his Deebo impression, along with Twitty to round out the true Beaufort locals.  Serious runners Poca and Knotty walked up and the pax was complete.  YHC described the standard course at the 5-minute warning, 3Fd, disclaimed, and amazed the boys from off with the mission statement.  Q must come correct with Gilligan in the house.

Pax blazed off, per usual, West toward Gilligan’s corner.  Knotty was soon in full stride with Bunion nipping at his heels.  TClaps to Bunion as he strives to become his M’s #1 running partner.  Pax fanned out, with core group surrounding Poca like moths to his light-up shoes flame.  Pax made the turn and returned up the docks.  Headlights in distance caused some to speculate FlipOva was arriving, but YHC was to remain disappointed. Mile 1 completed near Boss Tweed’s Marina, and Knotty, Bunion and the boys from off had disappeared into the gloom.

Pax returned to shovel flag, with Gilligan faithfully sweeping the 6 like the leader he is.  YHC called group stretch at Cutting Board East, and was forced to cede stretching leadership to Knotty and Bunion by the voice of the people.  6:15 arrived and namearama ensued, with Gilligan incredulous that YHC didn’t need recording device to remember for BB the nine other pax present.


Hero Patriot tomorrow at West Carteret.  6:55 gather, 7:00am start. Gilligan and Jang on the Q. 6:15a standard led by Misty

Convergence Coffeeteria immediately after workouts today

Prayer Requests

For Bunion and M as they venture off to Grand Canyon with their 4 kids

For all those traveling over the next few days

Gilligan succumbed to nonverbal suggestion from YHC to take us out in prayer, and he responded with eloquent words giving praise to Jesus and asking pax to honor Him in this special time of year.

ALWAYS an honor and pleasure to participate in the Stampede.  2 more Fridays as Site Q for ol Madoff before turning over the honor to Crabby.