Record Pax (18) at North Cary Park this morning for the 1 years anniversary.  C-lo made a case after for folks to return with the spread of food and beverages after the the trunk of his suv ( I heard an omelet station was coming).  T-claps for Hammie and Jerry for posting for the first time.

The Thang:

warm up:

jog around the parking lot

24 – SSH

12 – Frankenstiens

12 – Good mornings

12 – merkins


2 laps of Indian Runs

Parking lines x 12 (down, over, up, 5 merkins)

4 groups at the beach

2 x 2 laps (spint, karaoke, sprint, karaoke)

1 x 4(end lines) suicide as units

Merkin circuit

4 x 6 regular

4 x 5 incline

4 x 4 merkins

15 – WWII Sit ups


Burt closed out the deal today with a display of the new “Danger Zone” Pocket T-shirt or Tank top (Chung Li – requested an Tank Top).