The VSF was planted, reminding YHC that a real SF needs to be worked on this weekend.

Off we went. We have previously explored the North ends of Bradford’s Ordinary (Cary) by visiting the parking deck last week and Grease Monkey’s bodega tour the previous. This week Wonk decided to take the PAX of 9 south to the ball fields. In the words of Greasemonkey, downtown Cary is an unending treasure trove of pain stations.

The Thang:

Run to the Arts Center steps for warm up. GM – 15, Squat x 15, Burpees OYO 20.

Mosey to the field. Merkin x 20,

Homerun Derby: Line up at backstop. Perform moves as assigned by pax member who then runs the bases. Cycle through until all finish.

indian run around field to backstop.

Another round of Homerun Derby.

bear crawl to the playground for pain stations. Station 1: Diamond Merkins. 2. Burpee ups, 3. Step ups, 4. squats. Rotate through on YHCs call. Repeato: 1. wide grips, 2, prisoner squat holds, 3. deerskins, 4. SSH.

Side crawl up the rails, then lunge walk around the bend.

Mosey back to the front of the arts center, sidewalk along another set of rails.

Run back to the start.


Announcements: F3dads on the 31st at 9:30, fletcher park.