Written by Soul Glo, posted by Maize

Absolutely beautiful morning to get 29 men wanting to start the week right and be part of something bigger. That’s why we’re all out there and that’s what we did! Disclaimer : Delivered No FNGs

The Thang:

Quick Warm up: 15 Side straddle hops 16 Imperial Walkers 15 Good mornings

Let’s go! Run to  Parking deck behind the Zoe’s Kitchen/Cupcake shop shopping  strip on Oberlin. Parking deck is 5 levels so start at bottom and run to the top. At each level, stop and do exercises OYO. Start with 10 and then increase number of exercise by 3 until top level. G level- 10 burpees Level 1 – 13 squat jumps Level 2 – 16 star jumps Level 3 – 19 merkins Level 4 – 22 WW2 sit ups Then same sequence is repeated going down parking deck . Then up and down again with same exercises. By end of 2 trips up and 2 trips down the deck, PAX had completed  40 burpees, 52 squat jumps, 64 star jumps, 76 merkins, and 88 WWII sit ups. Solid efforts by all!

Run back to shelter and partner up. One partner does 7 pull ups while the other does 7 derkins. Repeat until 3 sets are complete and 21 pull ups and 21 derkins are in the books.

Then circle up for exercises. 10 Burpees OYO 30 count of LBCs 20 merkins OYO 30 count of American Hammers

COT with prayer by Getty

Naked Moleskin:

– July 4th Convergence at NC Art Museum, 7am start!

– Country wide talked about how fantastic the showing was for Healing Transitions and the difference that it is making. Need to keep it going and the importance of taking a Friday to make a real difference. Thanks Country Wide!

Prayer requests: – Seems like babies are being delivered and expected births are very prevalent these days in F3 country. Best wishes to all the wives and newborns for safe and healthy deliveries. Exciting times. – Geddy gave us an update on Lins Barwick, WFU student who was shot and is recovering. Latest is he was able to leave house and walk a lap at Daniels track. Prayers for continued recovery to such a senseless act. Such a vivid reminder of how fortunate we are to be able to post at F3 with our health and hangovers. God speed to Lins and all those affected by tragedy and senseless violence.