22 PAX started the week off right on a somewhat chilly Monday morning at A-team.  Today was supposed to be the 2nd Billyversary work out, but with Billy on IR, YHC took the lead.  The plan was to do a Billy Run to close out the workout, but, with time winding down and nervous energy kicking in at a pretty high level, YHC totally spaced and forgot to call it out.  Sorry Billy, guess we need you to be there in order to initiate the Billy Run.  Let’s see what else we did:


  • 33 SSH (Shack’s # at NC State – though I think we actually did 35)
  • 6 GMs (FSU ranking prior to running into the ‘Cuse)
  • 30 Merkins (nothing behind this number other than that’s all I could do)
  • 25 MCs (same)
  • 15 Hackey Sacks (h/t Hotspot)

The Thang Part 1 (or Warm Up part 2)

  • Start at parking area – 5 burpees
  • Run to large shelter – 10 dirkins
  • Run around to opposite side of parking lot loop – 15 sumo squats
  • Return to parking area
  • Repeato until time called
  • Plank stuff until all in

Another thang – modified Partner Chase

  • Find a partner and a semi-travelling rock to share
  • Partner 1 – Carry rock above head and start lunge walking around parking lot loop
  • Partner 2 – Run around parking lot loop until you lap partner 1
  • Flapjack
  • Repeato until the rock makes a complete trip around the loop
  • Squat hold until all in

And another thang

  • Partner 1 – Bear crawl to some guy’s truck and back
  • Partner 2 – Merkins with rock on back
  • Flapjack
  • Repeato except duck walk instead of bear crawl, and hammers with rocks instead of merkins
  • Squat hold until all in

One more thang

  • Of course – BTTW with 15 Australian MCs in cadence

Only time for one Mary exercise

  • 30 Freddy Mercs in cadence


  • Krispy Kreme Challenge this Saturday
    • Still time to sign up
    • Shut-In has an available entry but TP may take it
    • Murph at Pullen Park prior
  • Vesper
    • New CarPEX run workout – starts this Wednesday with old Maid
    • Same start time and location as SnS
    • Approximately 5 miles
    • Probably need light and reflective gear


  • Water Wings’ new arrival this week
  • Khakis’ India trip
  • Ma Bell’s Neighbor
  • T-Bone’s daughter

A powerful closing prayer from Grease Monkey


  • You guys did good
  • And I mean it
  • That is all