SSH x15
Imperial Walkers x15
Mountain Climbers x15
Good Mornings x15
Arm Circles x15
Merkins x15

Run to Half Pipe and partner up:
partner 1, run to top of half pipe, 10 merkins, run to other side of
half pipe, 10 squats
partner 2, 6 inch leg hold
partner 1, 10 ssh, 10 burpees at each top
partner 2, plank hold
partner 1, 10 ???, 10 spiderman merkins
partner 2, low plank hold

Run to parking deck for Chariot to ARK:
Break out the inner tubes for Chariot run with partner up the parking deck
bear crawl and crab walk down the parking deck
Chariot run with partner up the parking deck
recover and walk down

Run to pain island for tabata:
8 20 second sets of squats/ssh

Run to amphitheatre for jump up school:
4 sets of: 5 jump ups, 5 count squat hold
10 cadence count in unison jump up
squat hold
10 jump ups fast

Mosey to buildings for:
15x wall plank


The PAX gave it 100% during the half pipe- tclaps to all
Inner tubes were a big hit- so big in fact we lost one of our Disney characters attempting to spill merlot
The GORUCK prefunk was poorly attended, we blame the Charlotte guys for holding a Spartan race on the same day
tclaps to Chong Li for initiating the Wednesday Shroom and Gloom lunch