VSF planted for quite an eager PAX of 20 getting their #redpill this morning, 36 degrees felt like 42. Asking a long time PAX to pick a favorite workout location to me is similar to asking someone which child is their favorite, but upon reflection a comment an old friend said around me one time comes to mind, “Please don’t ask because I have an answer.” The workout was done on the fly to no surprise of the participants so some of the details are a little fuzzy. #alwayskeepmoving

The Thang:

Head to the left on the loop, 1st stop: Good Mornings x 15, Merkins x 15, The Stomp x 20….run farther

Next stop : Diamond Merkins x 10, LBCs x 20, High Slow Flutters x 15…..run farther

Next stop: Merkins x 15, High Five Merkins x 15, Decliners x 15…run farther (might have been one other stop but I forget).

Picnic Tables: Dips x 15, Derkins x 15, Flutters x 15, Reverse LBCs x 15 (I think)

Move over to field: Several plank exercises including Chilcutt, Sarkozy, Putin, High Plank Hold, Low Plank Hold, etc. #oldmanmemoryloss #toomuchQing……run to end of field

Sprint to the tree line and back X 4……Merkins x 15, Hand Release Merkins x 15……run to bottom of dam for the main event

Jacob’s Ladder with Burpees (1 at top, 2 at bottom, 3 at top, etc.) for 8-9 minutes straight. I won’t lie, the #suckfactor was high here.

Dolly x 33

COT with BOM Prayer by Mr. Furley

QOD (again): “I hear and I forget. I see and I comprehend. I do and I remember.” -Confucious

Naked Moleskin:

-T-claps to the PAX for staying together at a decent pace on the loop, would have been a different situation a year ago. #gettingstronger Don’t get the title? Well hang out a few minutes after a workout next time. #2ndF

RSVP to the Christmas Party on Dec 22nd, 7-10 PM at Tyler’s Taproom. Food, wine and soft drinks provided with Beer/Liquor purchased through a cash bar. Donations will be accepted at the door, net proceeds will be presented to The Healing Place & Raleigh Rescue Mission. Aye! #signup

-Dec 26th – Wolf Run & Late Night are on, 6am (No Juggernaut or Flood Zone) Lame Duck on schedule.

-Jan 1st – New Year’s Day Convergence at Fletcher Park, 7am. No other Raleigh workouts that day. Denali is your master of ceremonies #laceup #theniceup

-Jan 2nd – Juggernaut & Flood Zone are on, 6am (No Wolf Run or Late Night) Lame Duck on Schedule

-T-claps to Bob Vila for passing his state exam, that was a long 3 weeks awaiting an answer. #allgrownsupnow T-claps to Cinderella’s training for the GoRuck Heavy in March down in Charleston SC, sported a RUCK for the whole workout today. #F3Strong #GoRuckTough

-Prayers for the families of Ringworm and Dufrense who passed away this year. Prayers for Steroid’s mom having surgery today. Prayers for MHoward recovering from recent surgery, T-claps to Howard on his daughter’s engagement. Prayers for families navigating strained relationships through the holiday season and beyond.