Better late than never with the post…

‘Tis the time of year to be thinking of the holidays. No, not Christmas, but Hanukkah! In my family we celebrate Hanukkah the same as most with eight nights of gifts and candle lighting. So with that I gave the Pax eight gifts, each repeated eight times in eight locations.

Extra Credit: Run to the top of the deck for Jack-Webs ascending from one to 12, moving locations, and descending back to one. (I realize that this is not inclusive of an ‘8’, but sometimes you have to push the envelope).

Warm-Up: SSHx20, Good Morning x10, Imperial Walker x20

The Thang:

  • Jog to the ramp. Burpees x8 at bottom and top of each ramp, bear crawl up each ramp, run the flats in between, plank at the top.
  • Jog to the Macy’s upper deck for an 8-station Beast: Merkins, Squats, LBCs, Wide Grip Merkins, Russian Hammers, Star Jumps, Ski Abs, Burpees – 8 count at each station.
  • Jog back to the start for Marry.

COT/Moleskin: Dont forget to RSVP for the Christmas party – 12/22 at Tyler’s Tap Room.