A hearty Pax of 7 – showed up for the coldest day we had in a few weeks.

Jog to baseball, circle up for Warm up

GM x 20, Goofball x20, SSH x20, Windmill x20

Indian Run to top parking lot – lots of mumble chatter from the PAX as we took the dark path through the woods.  Several of the PAX didn’t even know that part of the park existed – however, Franklin had done his homework and knew that the construction efforts had finally completed.  In the first 2 months of Field of Dreams – we have just scratched the surface of what this location has to offer.

At the top of the hill, begin a Route 66 around parking lot – stopping every half island for squats increasing from 1-11.

At the end of the Route, Franklin saw some Fence sections – and had the PAX carry them – just because they were there- Carried them over to the main entrance of the USA Baseball park and then circled up for

Plank O’ Rama

Regular, Chilcut, Regular, Chilcut

Regular – 5 merkins around circle

Jack Webbs – 1:3 to 8/24

Take the Fence sections back – and then return to circle for REPEATO Plank o Rama

After our arms were burning – began moving back – stopped at some benches for 3 quick sets of Inclined Merkins, Right/Left Steps ups and Dips – 15, 10 and 5

Begin moving back but stop at the bottom of the hill for triple nickel

Run up – 5 star jumps, Run down 5 merkins – repeat 5 times

Back to lower lot


WW2, and Boat/Canoe

COT –Quiet Pax today – no Announcements  or prayer requests