25 Pax gathered in the snowy gloom to experience a winter wonderland (or just adding to the mud for wheelbarrows)?  Your call.  Not much time to enjoy the first snowfall of the year as YHC felt obligated to get the pain going asap after being called out on Twitterverse by Orwell.



  • SSH x26
  • Good Mornings x21
  • Mountain Climber Merkins x15
  • Jingle Balls x10

Run to the rock pile behind gym for Rock Stations, grab a “reasonable” rock:

  • Station 1:  (timer)  10 l-r rock chops, 10 r-l rock chops, 10 up the middle rock chops
  • Station 2:  elevated plank walkups (chillcut to high plank and back down; repeat)
  • Station 3:  offset derkins off wall – 5 per hand; repeat (thank Orwell for this one)
  • Station 4:  squat press

Before heading out everyone does Stumps (inverted mountain climbers against wall – Maize special) x25.  Then run to lower soccer field to enjoy the snowfall / mud:

  • Wheelbarrow to other end; 5 burpees; flapjack and return
  • Sprint to other end; 10 burpees, sprint back
  • Broad jump to other end; 5 burpees; bear crawl back

To celebrate the Deacs 1 point win against the Wolfpack last night and a likely contract extension for Buzzdelik, we head up to the basketball courts for more fun:

  • Side merkin crawl sideline to sideline
  • Lunge walk baseline to baseline
  • Side merkin crawl back to other sideline
  • Crab walk back to starting point

Partner carry suicides the length of both courts with winning team (Adolphus & ?) having the option of just doing 5 squat jumps.  Rest of PAX knock out 20 squat jumps.

Mary:  LBC x25, Hollow Rocks x6, American Hammer x20, Freddie Mercury x15


  • Urgent prayer gathering at Dufresne’s house today at 5:30pm.  See Flatline’s preblast.
  • 3rd F Thirst Quenchers is today at Larry David’s office at 12:00.
  • New 3rd F initiative with The Healing Place of Wake County set to launch February 8th.  F3 attendance will be limited to 10 for this first workout.  Stay tuned for more details, or message Duff or Countrywide to learn more.
  • T-claps to FNG Fiddler (Will Hamlin), an old friend of YHC who was foolish enough to post for his first workout today.
  • Prayer requests for Dufresne and family, Greg Jones in his recovery, Short Stack’s father, Ernie’s friend, and a couple others I am leaving out, plus those left unsaid.
  • Ernie prayed us out.

Thanks for the opportunity to Q Dawn Patrol fellow PAX – enjoyed it today.  Great work by all.