YHC has been travelling quite a bit lately so haven’t been able to post as much as normal. To hold myself accountable, i signed up to Q for the day at Juggernaut. 22 men would be waiting to get things started. Repeat… 22! If it wasn’t for the NYE convergence here back in 2016 this may have been a record. Great showing and great group. 8 studs for EC. 1 FNG.


Quick jog around the loop and head down to the rock pile.

SSH x 20, GM x 15, Mtn climber x 20, IW x 15, standard merkin x 10

The Thang

Everyone grab a (challenging) rock and mosey up to the park entrance. Drop your rock and mosey down the Greenway to the bridge for instructions.

PAX will run up the hill to entrance, grab rock for exercise x 20, run down other side of hill to rock pile, leg exercise x 20, run back up hill for rock exercise repeat x 20, run back down Greenway to start. Plank until all PAX are in.

Exercises were:

Rock press, Starjumps, Rockpress

Rock curls, prisoner squats, Rock curls

Rock Tri ext, alternating jump lunges, Rock tri ext

Mosey back up to rocks for the following in cadence – Rock press x 10, rock curls x 10, rock tri ext x 10.

Mosey back and return rocks. Mosey to parking lot.

2 lines – bear crawl through parking lot stopping at every other line for a single merkin

Flutter kicks until all PAX complete.

Mosey over to baseball field. Break out into 3 groups.

Group 1 – people’s chair

Group 2 – run to the outfield fence stopping at 2nd base for merkins x 10

Group 3 – BTTW until relieved by group 2

Each group went through each x 3

People’s chair on the fence x 5 count down the line.

Mosey to the picnic tables for:

irkins x 15, dips x 15, decline peter parkers x 15…. repeat


Box-cutters x 20, LBC x 20, Superman banana x 10 count x 5…. done.

CDC took us out.

Announcements – Mule March 4

Prayer requests – Java’s father, Man Ram, 2 year old daughter & family of client of Noriega. Some heavy prayers this morning.

Always a pleasure.