Well there is a first for everything I guess. Unfortunately my first was being late to my own Q. Not that it makes it better, but I found out about it less than 24 hours in advance. Apparently, it was supposed to be Costco, then Maize, then fell to me.

The fun part was being the mystery Q. Only a small part of the 27 out there knew who the Q was supposed to be. Brave stuff gentlemen, brave stuff. The site said Costco, the rumors said Maize, and the Forge twitter box was oddly silent Monday night. Well come 5:45 who would show up to Q? Well no one yet, I showed up at 5:47.

I hadn’t been to the Forge in a few months and miscalculated the fact that my entire route down Saint Mary’s St had multiple lights that tended to turn red when no cars were there. No excuses, I was late!

I found the Pax circling in a crazed state around the carousel.  I joined them and we began our workout.

Start out with a jog around the lake. Circle up in the circle for a quick warm up.

Warm up: 20 x SSH, 20 x Imperial Walkers, 10 x Windmills

The Thang!

Jack Webb with merkins and seal claps.

Run straight to the hill on the backside of the tennis courts with the rock pile. Run a pendulum set.

Pendulum set: Three groups. One at bottom of hill, one at top, one moving in between. When middle group arrives at bottom group, bottom group moves to the top group and middle group stays at the bottom. It is one of those things that makes sense when you start doing it.

Triple counts with rocks (bicep to chest press to tricep extension) at the top and jump squats at the bottom.

We did four rounds. Then we started carrying our rocks down and doing goblet squats at the bottom. Lunge walks in between stations. We did this two rounds. Then one round of leaving rocks at top again, bear crawling in between stations. I know it all sounds crazy in theory but it actually flows pretty nice; even better when you have less than 27 PAX!

Put back the rocks. Mosey over to the stone warmup area near the carousel.

Partner up. Partner 1 does AMRAP exercises. Other Partner 2 runs around the carousel and flap jacks. I’ll call exercises. Lunge to merkins, dips, derkins, monkey humpers, Swiss merkins, dying cockroaches.

Mary: We did 20 x Heels to Heavens and 15 x Sir Walter Raleigh Scuba Buddhas.

Prayer Request: Spin Classe’s family, Flatline’s surgery, may be missing a few others.

I apologize I can not remember who took us out. Thanks again for the excellent opportunity to lead and the extra long amount of time given to writing a back blast! AYE!