The Pax gathered in the gloom and despite the rain, we had 2 FNGs. Off we go with a disclaimer on the run.

Run through the woods and around to maintenance turn off for Warm up on the entrance road
15 – GM, 15 – SSH, 15 – IW, 15 – Merkins (One call), 15 – Sir Fazio – both directions

The Thang
Up the maintenance road, to an pristine green field (looks like where they grow extra turf to replant as needed).
Grab a rock and circle up – put down rock and step to the left between each exercise
Curl x15, tricep ext x15, overhead press x15, rock row x15, rock extension – 15 count – each exercise two times

Return rocks to their homes and then
Indian Run around the fields – counter clockwise
Jump the fence (who put that there)
Up and down the stairs while YHC does some adjustments, and over to back entrance
Oh wait – another new fence – oh well – back over the fence to exit the park – then over to the fence at the top of the wall

Peoples chair with 10 count down the line
JAck Webb 1:4 – up to 7; then more peoples chair
Begin the run back – with a stop on the road to finish Jack Webb up to 10:40

When we get back in the parking lot, time for some
F3 Baseball – 3 teams – 20 min
120 team squats – lunge walk
120 team merkins – bear crawl
120 CDDs – backwards run
120 LBCs – crab walk
1 point each time the team passes its home base

After 3 innings we were out of time and in a tie game – oh well, to be continued at a later date.

With the unexpected fence jumping and detours, YHC didnt really leave time for Mary. To satisfy Callahan, we did a few Hello Dolly’s and then called it a day.

COT – no new announcements; a few meaningful prayer requests and YHC took us out. Prayer requests not getting listed individually primarily due to 1 week delay in posting Backblast.

See you in the Gloom!