Today marked the end of an F3 era.

Every Saturday morning, rain or shine, for the last 10 months, the men of F3Durham would enjoy an overpriced cup of organic coffee, the CPOB (community plate of bacon), and recount how much the Q made us hurt that particular day.

Over the last few weeks, Whole Foods, our F3Durham home base, had begun enforcing new parking lot regulations – we’d point out our faithful patronage after our weekly beatdown, and the blank look on the rent-a-cop would evaporate and he’d bid us good bye.

Not anymore.

We were definitively notified by one of the managers that there was a “zero tolerance” policy and that, although they appreciated our business, we were taking parking spaces from customers who would otherwise be filling their aisles,  carts, and wallets and that would were no longer welcome to park there.

After relocating down the street, our workout commenced 20 minutes late.

Warm-up: yog, SSH, arm circles, IWs

Merkin wave: 10 merkins, roll over, 20 freddie mercuries, roll over, 10 merkins, roll over, 20 FMs, roll over, 10 merkins, roll over, 20 russian hammers, roll over, 10 merkins, roll over, 20 LBCs, roll over, 10 merkins, roll over 20 FMs

The Gravel Pit – go to your local construction zone, grab a moderate sized “Duke Stone”, and get to work – each exercise was done with 1 arm
top shelf, bicep curl, tricep extension, goblet squats, walking lunges (lounges), kettle bell swings, wood chops, turkish get-ups, bicep to top shelf – don’t remember how many we did, but there was a lot and they all hurt

yog back to the start, 6″ leg raise, hello dollys
COT while doing baby seals

– We all know that finding a different place to park is not a big deal – it’s the principle behind it. F3Durham will continue, undeterred, in our mission to invigorate male community leadership.