15 PAX circled up in Cary- for what was expected to be an easy workout with Franklin leading the way – The Rockpile had a different expectation

Run to Circle

20 x Good Morning, 20 x SSH, 20 x Imperial Walker

20 x Mountain Climber, 20 – The Dip, 10 Box Jumps

The Thang

Run to Rock Pile – select a medium size rock

10 x overhead rock press, 10 x overhead rock press

Rock straight out – 5 count around circle (This induced a lot of groaning), 10x Rock Merkins

Repeato 5x

Indian Run – up street toward elementary, cross at light, back down street to favorite field


Alternate – Karaoke/ Lunge Walk one direction Prisoner Squats, run return with LBCs

Plank O Rama – Banjo tried to take over for the Q here – and was rewarded with a 50 count Plank

Run back to Church for a bit of Mary

Mary – Rosalita x 10, WW 2 x 15, Freddy mercury x 30 due to excessive mumblechatter

COT – McCants took us out

Thanks for the Opportunity to Lead such a fine group of men.