Catalyst is a great site. While I have only been a few times, I knew it always brought a good crowd. 22 this morning.

I was greeted by Life Alert and informed of the presence of three FNGs, all part of the Whitman family and all anticipating a family vacation at the beach this week. In fact, totaling five, members of Life Alerts family made up close to 25% of the Pax today. Now that is strong EHing right there.

Warmup in the parking lot across the street. 20 SSH, 10 Good Mornings, 20 Mountain Climbers, 20 Plank Jacks. Mumble chatter was lively. Time to quiet it.

Went right into a Jack Webb. Monkey Humpers and Prisoner Squats.

Mosey over to the circular First Citizens Bank. Start at the bottom on the front side. Set of elevens. Diamond Merkins at bottom. Up the stairs on the right, Merkin to lunges at the top part along six forks. Back down the stairs on the other side and back to Diamond Merkins.

Run over to the small parking deck across the street. Stairs were locked so moseyed to the top. At the top run a few suicides. There were four points in the suicide. At each point do 5 reps of an exercise. First round was sumo squats, second round was plank jacks, third round was merkins, fourth round was a regular suicide.

Circle up for another Jack webb. This time seal claps and merkins.

Indian run back down the deck. Pax started to fall off at this point. Stopped at the bottom and did 10 Swiss Merkins. Then grab a partner and partner chase with 5 hand release merkins to the parking lot where the Blitz meets. Stick with your partner. One partner runs around the parking lot island behind the cafeteria the other partner does AMRAP of an exercise. Exercises were squat jumps, LBCs, Dry docks, mountain climbers.

Time for Mary. 20 Rosalitas, 25 Homer to Marge, 15 Sir Walter Raleigh Scuba Buddhas, 6 second 6 inches leg hold around the circle.

Announcements: 4th of July- 7am Convergence at the Art Museum. A few teams of looking for BRR members. One for a 12 man team and the other for a 9 man team.

Prayer Request – Swirly has a friend who lost their 21 year old son.

Linda took us out. Thanks Linda.

Appreciated the Opportunity to Lead,