***Posted on behalf of Boots & Pants for his maiden Q***
The PAX called searching for a Q, the silence blanketed the call.  Then a fellow PAX was heard singing a commercial jingle which happens to coincide with YHC.  And the challenge was set for the YHC’s 1st ever Q.   Arrive in the frigid am temps, wheres Cletus, who’s Cletus?
PAX head off to find CLETUS a short jog to the other side of the track.  Circle up for  a little warmup.
SSH x 30
Merkins x 30 (keeping the tone for 30 everyday)
Fazio Arm circles 10 /10
Imperial Walkers x 20
CLETUS wasn’t there so off for another short jog as the YHC tries to figure out what he’s doing the 1st time around, ahh a playground.  Is CLETUS there?
Teams of two take on a round the horn of 20’s
Derkins x 20
Pull ups x 20
Squats x 20
Erkins x 20
CLETUS wasn’t there so off again,  a jog to the other parts of the park to search.
On the track a little scouting on either side looking for CLETUS, side scuffle ( switch sides) around the outfield of Field #2.  Still no sign of CLETUS.
The jog continues up and around the track looking for CLETUS.  A rock pile, could CLETUS be here?
PAX grab a rock and continue the track with shoulder presses w/ rock.  Still no Sign of CLETUS.
A hill could CLETUS be atop the hill waiting?
PAX gather with their rocks and at the bottom of the hill start with curls 1x  at the top of the hill tricep extensions 15x, repeat counting up at the bottom and counting down at the top.  Still no CLETUS.
Return the rocks on the jog.
Time for MARY.
LBC’s x30
Windshield Wipers x 20
Freddy Mercury x 20
Rosalita x 20
Chill cut (around the horn for a 10 count)
COT/ Announcements
March 7  F3 3rd Anniversary
Well CLETUS was never found but what was found was some confidence for the YHC in completing his 1st Q.  I can’t thank all the PAX enough for encouraging everyone to take on new challenges, push each  other.  The 1st Q is under my belt will have to see when #2 comes around.  It was an Honor to lead you all today.