PAX of 13 met up at the Belltower as planned. That’s the “NC State University Memorial Belltower” for any of you Out-of-Towners. Later we would discover at least six other PAX were sharing the pain in a sea of sad clowns.

The Thang:
Run from the Belltower to the Krispy Kreme at the corner of Person and Peace St. (approximately 2.5 miles)
Box Of Pain: Glazed doughnuts x 12 (not #lexicon; literally, eat twelve doughnuts)
Run back to the Belltower. (again, ~2.5 miles)
Complete the entire circuit within an hour to officially complete the Challenge.
Note: “Casual” runners may participate without eating the dozen doughnuts.

Naked Moleskin:
-T-claps to CostCo for a cavalier duet on the national anthem
-Another monster performance by Captain Kangaroo, once again consuming TWO dozen doughnuts and still returning to the Belltower within an hour (56:40 chip time). #YeastMode indeed.
-Burt recommends stomping on the box to squish the doughnuts as much as possible before eating. With a chip time of 52:33, I cannot argue with that.
-Lots of merlot spilled, but none by the PAX
-Ma Bell completed his day by helping his church… bake bread.

Doogie 51:33
Burt 52:33
Ma Bell 53:55
Epoxy 55:25
Captain Kangaroo 56:40
Gnard Dogg 56:44
Cold Stone 57:13
Costco 57:19
Shaggy 57:20
Ollie 58:52
Pigpen 1:11:16 (Thanks for playing. Johnny, tell him what he’s won…)
Casual Runners:
AMTRAK 51:00
Banjo 53:54
Dos Equis 55:18
Peach Pit 57:04
Nabisco 1:02:10
Kanye 1:02:53
Candlestick 1:05:32
Sharpie ??:?? (Can’t find your time; let me know and I will update)