12 pax emerged from the gloom at North Hills Park for an Enron led Q that had to include Sisyphus hill.  YHC decided to relive a Q from last March that featured running up Sisyphus in the snow and Bear-Gorilla-Bear through some slush in the parking lot.  Fortunately, this morning there was no snow on the ground, and the temperatures were actually reasonable…

But, alas, the pax still did not like the set as there were at least two confirmed reports of #MerlotSpillage, and there are rumors of more.  16% Merlot is a pretty aggressive metric, will see how that holds…

On to the Thang

  • Warm-up Circle featuring SSHx20, Good Mornings x 20, Mtn Climbers x 20
  • Fellowship run up to the Tennis Courts
  • On the Tennis Courts, we completed Bear-Gorilla-Bear x 5:  Bear Crawl to doubles Alley, Gorilla Walk to next Service Box, Bear Crawl to edge of court, complete ‘Merican exercise and then run back
    1. Standard x 10
    2. Wide Grip x 10
    3. Diamond x 10
    4. Stagger Left x 10
    5. Stagger Right x 10
  • Run to Under the Bridge (#RHCP) at the base of Sisyphus
    • Tabata with Rocks (Curl and Pass Rock to your Neighbor, alternating)
    • Run up Sisyphus
    • Return for Tabata with Rocks #2 (Shoulder Press and Stagger ‘Mericans)
    • Run up Sisyphus
  • On the Tennis Courts, for another Bear-Gorilla-Bear x 4:
    1. Standard x 10
    2. Wide Grip x 10
    3. Diamond x 10
    4. Standard x 10
  • 2 minutes of Mary (“, Mary, Why you bugging?”)
    • LBC x 20
    • Homer to Marge x 20


  • Hate that I am missing one pax.  User-error and technology fail on the iPhone VoiceMemo.  And, we were all suffering a bit at the end.  Sound off if you were there and I missed you.
  • Good to see men pushing to the limits today.  Sisyphus is #NoJoke and these sets did not leave much for recovery.  We covered 2.4 miles, but they were quality.
  • Glad to see 5 of 9 members of #F3GoatRodeo out there today.
  • Geddy raised a prayer concern for our friend on the death of their 26-year-old.  They need strength in this trying time.
  • Elsinore closed us out in prayer.
  • Pleasure to lead and serve this group.