23 PAX entered a brisk 30 degrees, wind strewn landscape known as the Jungle of Urban-  We used the jungle this morning for its intended purpose- lots of decks, walls and stairs.  We’ve had balmy spring weather as of late and 30 degrees reminded us that winter is still kicking around and it is harder to push.  My thought was that one of the decks would be warmer and knowing what I was about to have us do would warm this crowd up quick- I took a page from the Les N playbook for the first exercise of what is known as The Thang- a few pax were not happy and shouted “No creativity”,   Tough  Sh&t- You Q next time.

We took a short jog to the front parking lot of the upper jungle, circled up to warm up;

ssh x 20

GM x 20

Imperial W x 20

Mountain C x 20

short run to the Captrust parking deck- up ramp starting a level 2:

The Urban Jungle Thang:

Parking Deck suicides –  r

Run to level 3- run back down to level 2 – 10 merkins

Run to level 4-run back down to level 2- 10 merkins

Run to level 5-run back down to level 2-10 merkins

We continued this to level 8 -no mumble chatter -now hot and gassed.

Top of deck plank until Pax finish.

Partner up-

Peoples chair while partner  suicides top deck- tag partner switch up x 2

All Pax run (descend) the deck stairs stopping at each level for 5 burpees.  x 8

All Pax run back across the jungle to the fountain of love, find your partner:

Partner – Peoples Chair, Partner -Left/right step up -20 count/ Flapjack x 2

Partner-BTW, Partner-dips – 15 count/Flapjack x2

Recover on the jog back to the start for Mary- LBC x 40—Done!


Healing Transition

Prayer Request unspoken

Clavin graciously led us out in BOM.