Word on the street is that some guys wanted to get some EC before the workout! Cold temps brought out the jackets and compression pants and the crew started to pile into the parking lot. Dirty Pipes and YHC each got their early to warm up before the studs arrived. Chelsea and Big Rocks came out and Big rocks wanted the extra breeze wearing just the shorts! Distances varied from 5 to 8 miles and we cycled back to the shovel flag to find no additional PAX ready for the Saturday beatdown! As we thought about the PAX snuggling in their beds we decided to press on and get Mad Mule going!

The Thang:
Warm up, SSH, “cherry” pickers, squats, fazzio’s arm circles both ways in candence 15x.

Mosey to basketball court for WILT!
100 reps total for Squats, Lunges, and Merkins in this order.
25 reps merkins, run length of court and back, 25 Squats, run, 25 Lunges (alternating), run. Repeat 4 rounds.

Time seemed to have stopped at some point because we still had 40 min left of the workout, we checked all the watches and they seemed to be correct. We must have been cruising.

Mosey to the Grove since the PAX wanted more miles for some UPPER/LOWER.
45 sec AMRAP with lap around The Grove after each round.
Step up or Box Jump / Dips (run lap)
Skaters / Alternating Chill cut to plank (run lap)
Side Straddle Hop / rows on rail (run lap)
Plank Jacks / Carolina Dry docks (run lap)
Mountain climbers / Plank reach throughs
(some of the rounds done on stage for the please of the crowd setting up for Maxxie’s Dog Festival.

PAIN TRAIN appearance (10 Burpees during 3rd round)

Mosey back to VYAS park and around track back to the shovel flag with the surprise JailBreak call. I blame lack of sleep from the new baby on the slow reaction time as Big Rocks and Chelsea crushed me.

Mary: American Hammer, LBC’s, Freddy Mercury, Flutter Kicks, Supermans (added swim motions), Plank-a-rama and last and best “Have a nice day”.

No longer cold we huddled up COT and BOM:
Prayers for family with treatments coming up, prayers for Stretch’s wife and new baby, Holidays upcoming.

Annoucements: Oakwood 24hr, SMR, FatAss 50k, and upcoming events in local areas! Way to go guys, keep up the good work!

See you in the gloom or in the Mad Mule’s case ….sunrise.