Let’s be honest, most PAX would love to be in the Olympics.

Including the near-adult Sweathogs of Mr. Kotter’s 1970s HS class.  Imagine Horshack, taking matters into his own hands, with love and conviction, yelling motivations unintelligibly to help Mr. Kotter’s true Americans go for the Gold!

Warm-Up: Jog to Upper Lot for

SSH x 20

Good Mornings x 15

Sir Fazio Arm Circles x8 (reverse)

Imperial Walkers (Horshack translation:”Mountain Cli-…Imperial Climbers…Ooh Ooh”)

Dan Jansens x5 (early abort, “Apollo OH-NO’s”?)

Dan Jansens redux x10


Jog through The Gloom to Rock Pile, Grab “Good Sized Rock FOR YOU”

Curls x15

Overhead Press x15

Tricep Extensions x15

(repeato, return rock)

Jog via steps to Pullen “Short Track” (play area near train entrance and baby-boats)

Count of into 2 groups for Modified Relays

1. Bear Crawl through center, Sprint Outside Track to Return (x2)

2. Side Shuffle Around Track (teams go oppo), Waiting Pax do Mike Tyson’s OYO until Tagged

(switch sides)

3. Side Shuffle Around Track (teams go oppo), Waiting Pax do Plank/Sarkozy/Putin

4. Lunge Walk Center, Sprint Outside Track to Return (x2)

Pax surround short track… Jack Webb’s to 10 (could hear Epstein groaning)

Recover on Jog to Stonehenge (the Cobblestone Circle)

Alternating Step-ups x15

Dips x10



WWII Situps x20

Reverse LBCs x20

LBCs x30

COT/Naked Moleskin

Sweathogs chose the sport they’d most like to compete in, either summer/winter Olympics , including… Skeleton, Luge, Curling, Bobsled, Synchronized Swimming, Fencing, Slope-style Skiing, Downhill, Biathlon, and, ahem, Women’s Beach Volleyball Towel. Will let you guess who chose what…

Go Ruck Information/2nd F at PR this Thurs at 8pm

Healing Place this Saturday (sign-ups to come)

Convergence 3/1 at Pullen, Coffeeteria and Dufresne Family Visit to follow

Mr R led us out the prayer.

Thanks to the Sweathogs, who equally mocked and supported Horshack in his inaugural Q. Felt as if the Sweathogs left as teammates, and Olympians in their own mind.