A balmy 40 degree morning was perfect for 16 PAX to travel a more compact area of the familiar Pullen terrain. Brain cramps were not limited to QIC (occasional odd counts, jumping the gun in COT), but certain PAX had their moments as well.  T-claps to White Shoe for the tip on the “shorter distance, more exercises, keep everyone together” approach. Don’t tell him I gave him credit.

Side-straddle-hops anyone?

The Thang:

Warmup in Parking Lot

High Knees x 15,Good Morning x 20, SSH x 15, Windmill x 15, Sir Nigel Fazio Arm Circles x 8, Reverse  x 8

Two group (occasionally direction challenged) Indian Run to picnic shelter for a ‘Merican / Dip Fest. QIC is not sure what happened to the Dericans in Round 2…accidentally, on purpose skipped?

Iricans      x 12         x 10              x 10
Dips         x 12         x 10              x 10
Dericans  x 12                              x 1

Jog to the  bottom of the steps, then back up and back down, plank and wait by the carousel, with 10 count plank hold once everyone arrived. Then:

SSH x 15, LBC x 15

Jog to the fountain for:

SSH x 15, Freddie Mercury x 15, Mountain Climber x 15

Jog to bridge, Lunge walk over longer bridge and circle up around pagoda:

SSH x 15, American Hammers x 15, ‘Mericans x 15

Bear Crawl over the shorter bridge, plank and wait, then jog to steps for:

Quick Feet x 20, Iricans x 15, Quick Feet x 20

Jog back to shorter bridge, lunge walk over bridge, crab walk (Maize suggestion) to pagoda, circle up for:

SSH x 20, Carolina Dry Docks (Getty suggestion) x 10,  followed by “great moments in Wilson history”:

Steroid:  Wilson!  Choose a Mary for us!

Wilson:  I don’t know…something we haven’t done…hammers.

Steroid:  We just did those five minutes ago…OK.

OK, so maybe it doesn’t translate in print…but it was funny in person.  Lunge walk over the long bridge, plank on the other side with Putin, Sarkozy and then a ten count plank hold.

Jog to the carousel for more:

SSH x 20, ‘Mericans x 10, Mountain Climber x10, WWII Pushups, er, Situps (8 Mile) x 20

Brief applause from Stair Master, crushed by the explanation that we were not yet done.

Jog to the grass area for wet Mary:

LBC x 20
RLBC x 20
Six inch leg hold 5 count around the circle


  • 3rd F Dinner tonight (11/12/13) at Tyler’s Taproom, still a few open spots left.
  • F3 F, please read info in the newsletter and think about what you and a friend can do.
  • Christmas party on 12/19, also at Tyler’s.  Wives and girlfriends invited (either / or)
  • Sign up for USMC Mud Run (4/12/2014) by deadline tomorrow. Info on site.
  • Prayers for Cee Lo’s Mom (surgery today), Tin Cup’s friend (heart attack), CK’s wife, Maize’s friend Chris, Steroid’s friend Kevin…(I know I missed a few, sorry)
  • Steroid talked about the lesson in seeing a friend die suddenly…that we should look past our challenges to be grateful for what we have in our family and friends…and our F3 experience.