Safety announcement given; during the announcement Mr Slate advised that to add a extra variable into the workout, a lead weight would be carried by the PAX and would not be permitted to touch the ground.  The penalty for the weight touching the ground would be 5 burpees.

The Workout:

Starting off with Amtrak: Jog to the soccer field for warm ups:

  • SSH x 20
  • Good Morning x 20
  • Arm Circles x 10, the Clapper (aka Cadre Phils) x 10, Arm circles backward x 10
  • Hip stretch 10 count each leg
  • Inch worm Merkins x 5
  • Jog the 1/2 length of the field, then backpedal the second half
  • Bear crawl half field, jog second half

Partner up for boo-yah merkins.  Gopher challenged Kanye and Amtrak to take the challenge to do 22 pushups a day for 22 days to raise awareness of veteran suicide rates and the issues our veterans face when transitioning home or transitioning out of their unit.  Birkenstock and Dialtone have also had the challenge extended to them.  The pax completed 22 loud and vigorous boo-yah merkins for the challenge.

Alternate Q to Mr. Slate: Mosey over to the wall for Balls to the Wall x 5ct down line

Partner up (1 person runs loop) while the partner performs exercises below.  tag team until total reps are achieved:

  • 100- merkins
  • 200- LBC.
  • 300- Squats
Indian Run to the front of the school with Weight moving
  • LR step up 20
  • Dips 20
  • Erkins 15
  • Derkins 15
Alternate Q back to Amtrak: Continue Indian run to the rock pile, select your favorite rock:
  • Squat / Press x 10
  • Shoulder tap x10
  • Curls for girls x 10
  • Squat / Press x 8
  • Shoulder tap x8
  • Curls for girls x8

Return the rock and Indian run back to the soccer field for Mary:

  • 101 LBC
  • Plank-o-rama: 10 count by each man in the pax, alternate between center chill cut and right side and left side plank.
  • Homer Marge- 22


  • Welcome RockSteady, a former member of F3 Charlotte who has relocated to the Raleigh area
  • Prayer announcements shared and 3 Doors Down took us out.