I thought Dutch Boy was an FNG, but nobody spoke up when I asked for new guys at the beginning of the workout. Turns out he’s met his F3 quota for 2016 by posting at Dawn Patrol Thursday, according to his old friend Duff. It was good to see him, as it’s been a minute since our paths have crossed. Anywhoo, the weather seems to have taken a permanent turn toward Spring, and damn it feels good. Since the park is in the midst of a facelift, I figured we’d keep it simple.

Quick lap around the parking lot and circle up for
SSH X 50
Merkin X 10
Good Morning X 10
Imperial Walker X 10
Slow Merkin X 10

Mosey and circle up again for a Tabata set focused on the legs. 4 exercises, 4 times through, 20 seconds on, 10 rest.
Squat Jumps
High Knees
Jump Lunges
Dan Jansens

Line up for an Indian Run out of the park, down EMR, and down to the bottom of Glen Eden. Split in two groups on either side of the road. Run back up to EMR, stopping at every lamp post for 10 Plank to Squats. Jog back into the park to the basketball courts.

Partner up for a sprint/exercise ladder.
One partner sprints both courts and back, one partner does AMRAP of called exercise. Cumulative numbers until the lair reaches 100 reps.
Monkey Humpers

Circle up for Mary
Flutter X 30
American Hammer X 20

Haven House, Arena, Tacos’ 2.0 is planning a food drive. For more info visit: www.thefooddrivekid.org. Thanks guys!