Full-on BRR training for 21 PAX as we hit the hills at Hi-Fidelity on a very comfortable morning for early August.  Hill repeats and a double NCMA half pipe added up to about 6 miles and 850ft of elevation gain.  Three sets of hill work today, no man left behind style at the end of each set.

Warm up:  Mosey to the bottom of Horton and circle up for 20 SSH, 15 IW, 15 Hillbilles, and 20 MCs

Set 1 – Horton Street

  • Bottom of hill to school entrance and back
  • Bottom of hill to far fire hydrant and back
  • Bottom of hill to Ridge Road and back

Mosey along greenway to bottom of Copperhead

Set 2 – Copperhead

  • Bottom of hill to beginning of foot bridge and back
  • Bottom of hill to far end of foot bridge and back
  • Bottom of hill to middle of 440 bridge

Mosey to other end of 440 bridge

Set 3 – NCMA half pipe

  • From NCMA side of bridge, down the hill and continue up to drinking fountain
  • Return to 440 bridge
  • Repeato except on the way back meet at bottom of hill to 440 bridge for backwards run up to the bridge

Return to bottom of Horton Road for one final push up the hill back to the start


  • Munson found money.  Is it yours?
  • Enron and Postfontaine with two FiA runners doing the Sir Walter Miler Run Club 4×400 Relay this Friday (8/4) – post time 8:30pm.  Meredith College track.  Other races before and after.
  • BRR is coming – are there teams looking for runners or runners looking for teams?
  • I think there were other announcements but I can’t remember.
  • Welcome back Fazio as he continues his return from injury.
  • Continued prayers for Cornholio’s recovery.  Show up or sign up to Q at Injured Reserve.
  • YHC took us out.

Excellent work on the hills today.  It’s an honor to lead such a strong group.