As the Brier Creek fog lifted from the hills of The Crick, 12 PAX emerged (at nearly the same time) into the gloom for a Saturday sweat-fest. With the impending pain, we set off into the steam to conquer the beast…

Warm-up (in the upper carpool lot)
Imperial Walkers x15
Sir Fazio Arm Circles, forward/reverse x15
Grass Mat, x20 burpees (60 seconds)
Mountain Climbers x15

The Thang

The group moseyed across the street to the tree-laced sidewalk by the Lennox townhomes for an exercise of solidarity. 10 trees, 10 pain stations and lots of fun to be had.
Set #1
Merkins x2 at each tree there and SSH until the group finishes
Merkins x2 at each tree back. (40)
Set #2
Burpees x2 at each tree there and back (40)
Set #3
LBC’s x10 at each tree there and back.

To the planters…

With a partner (who’s size does not matter), the PAX navigatied a zig-zag of irkins, dirkins and dips.
L/R Step Ups x10; move right.
Dirkins x10; move left.
Irkins x10; move right
Dips x10; move left
Irkins x10; move right
Dirkins x10; move left
Irkins x10; move right
Plank hold x30 seconds; recover

By this time, the fog had lifted and Mt Metabolism was glaring at us in the distance. To scale her in dense humidity would be a feat many had tried and few had lived to tell the tale. To the base we went…

#1   Run up, merkins x5, bear crawl down.
#2   Reverse bear crawl up, bear crawl back down.
#3   Karaoke up facing BC Parkway, 5 burpees, karaoke down.
#4   Karaoke up facing Modular Unit sign, 10 LBC’s, karaoke down.
#5   Sprint up, 10 burpees (once PAX got to 10, they continued burpees until the entire group was finished), back peddle down.

After a punctuated mosey to the main soccer field, the second half began. As Coach D stated, “I looked at my watch thinking ‘oh we’re almost done…’ and realized we had 22 minutes.”

Mid-morning Mary
LBC’s x15
Reverse LBC’s x15
Russian Hammers x15

Windsprints (with partners of different size)
#1  P1 sprints 100 yards while P2 does AMRAP Merkins (up to 50)
#2  Sprint 85 yards while P2 does AMRAP WWII sit ups
#3  Sprint 70 yards, to “Nubbler,” while P2 does high plank hold.
#4  Cross Country Suicides… 25 yards, 45 yards, 75 yards, 100 yards.

Russian Hammers (Double Time) x15
Poke the hole x15
Homer to Mars x15
Heels to Heaven x15

-FiA (Females in Action) is LIVE IN RALEIGH! Spread the word… The Crick at 8:15 on Saturdays. 9 females posted this morning for a co-Q beatdown
-Crick shirts are in the final design process.
-Mud run…
-Calling all Q’s… there are lots of spots to be filled on Wed/Saturdays at the Crick. The more the merrier.

It’s always an honor to lead this fine group of soliders through the gloom. Today was an especially “heavy” day and all PAX worked extremely hard. T-claps to Coach D for dropping back to run with Erie and our FNG as they were running with the group. We as F3 brothers are only as successful as the guy next to us, and Coach did a fabulous job encouraging and motivating the PAX.

**To the creator of our Craigslist ad… it’s working! Erie and our to-be-renamed FNG both came from that advertisement.**