This started as a revenge Q. I was watching the Georgia bulldogs pull out a victory over my Tar Heels on Labor Day. The Monday before Dingo had led us through a tough workout, boasting throughout about his beloved bull dogs. As I thought about Dingo sitting in the Georgia Dome basking in victory, and still sore from the past Monday’s workout, the revenge workout started formulating. Revenge would be served on October 7, with a little workout called Tar Hill.

Alas, three items dashed my hopes. First, Dingo ruins my plan by jet setting to Italy.  So my only hope for revenge on this day is if he gets the runs from all that pasta and wine or falls in the water taking pictures of those huge friggin’ boats. Second and Third, my daughter gets baptized and a little rain decides to come our way. Yes, there is a correlation there. During my daughters service, a beautiful prayer was offered, saying the water she was baptized in is the same water from creation, the same water Jesus was baptized in, the same water that supports, strengthens, refreshes, and renews all of us. That awesome imagery has been on my mind all week with the threat of heavy rain and floods form Hurricane Matthew. This was no longer a revenge Q, but a let’s immerse ourselves Q. YHC was asked Wednesday if we would just stay under the shelter if it rained. Nope, we were going to get immersed – figuratively and literally.

16 PAX ventured out into the wet gloom (17 if you count the dog – yeah, the first dog to workout at Juggernaut). 1 FNG present, and the promise of another to show, so we start with a quick warmup:

Good Mornings
Imperial Walkers

2nd FNG shows up during warmups, so proper disclaimer given, and we Mosey to rock pile aka bottom of the hill. Split into 2 groups. One group will run to top of the hill, touch the fence, do 10 reps of an exercise, then run back down the hill. The second group stays at bottom of the hill and does AMRAP Man Makers. Exercises at top of the hill were:
Star Jumps
Squat Thrusts
Diamond Merkins
Prisoner Squats
Carolina Dry Docks
Knee Slaps/Jump Ups (whatever that’s called)
Finish with a round of BTTW

The 8 rounds of AMRAP Man Makers yielded quite a few – I didn’t count, but would guess at least 100 for each of us.

With 8 rounds complete, I noticed Mr. Rogers was done with these (when he speeds up during the workout, it’s a clue that it’s time to switch up). As luck would have it, as we finished up the last Man Makers, the rain started. Grady had begged for shelter time if it rained, so I obliged. Mosey to the shelters for a circuit of 10 of each:
alternating one-arm irkins
box jumps

AMRAP for 5 minutes (felt like 10 minutes).

Once complete, we pay tribute to Dingo with 10 burpees OYO, then mosey to parking lot for Mary.
Dying Cockroaches
Homer to Marge
AMRAP American Hammers for 1 minute

Pig Pickin 10/22 – see twitter for details/sign up
3rd F Event  11/3 – details coming
Forum on Mondays – studying Sermon on the Mount –
Darby setting up fundraiser for Veterans in February

Peel and Stick’s brother getting married
Pygmy’s brother
Continued prayers for boy hit by car last week

shared YHC’s water story, along with words to a favorite Needtobreathe song:
Even when the rain falls
Even when the storm starts rising up
Even when the floods come
I am washed by the water

We are strengthened, nourished, renewed by the water, a gift from God. We are also strengthened, nourished and renewed by our F3 brothers. I am grateful I was able to be immersed in the workout with you gentlemen today. Much better than a revenge Q!