Six men posted today for a some burpees and other fun that nearly caused at least a couple of us to vomit (vurpees)

Warm up – Jog half way around track, 20 side shuffle hop, 20 imperial walkers, 20 fazio arm circles, 20 good mornings

Jog around other half of track to the tennis courts for a burpee pyramid.  Ten burpees down to one with ten merkins and 15 count mary exercises (mostly russian hammers) in between each set of burpees

Jog up to rock pile.  Walk about 75 yds with rock fully extended above head.  Stop for 20 count rock curls, 20 count tricep extension.  Walk another 75 yds with rock fully extended overhead to bleachers.  Two sets of left/right step ups with rock cradled to chest.  Jog back halfway to rock pile and stop for 20 count rock curl and two 20 count squats with rock