Capt K. doubled down on his 50th to make this his 6th workout, and first non-Q’ed, of the week. #muchrespect  Was trying to figure out an appropriate birthday present, but doing 50 reps of any exercise didn’t seem like a good fit for The Arena, so YHC settled on the introduction of a new exercise to suffice.  More on that later.

The Pullen jogging crew and YHC arrived at THP 15 minutes early to begin the recruiting process.  Le Don broke from his weekly bball game to help us out, and we eventually landed 3 FNGs to give it a shot, along with numerous assurances that others would be there in 2 weeks.  After some more F3 pax trickled in, we ended up at a solid 16.

Quick disclaimer, then we were off.

Warmups (in grass by courtyard)

Seal Jacks x 20, IW x 10, Good Afternoons x 10,  Merkin x 5, Wide Grip Merkin x 5, Diamond Merkins x 5


Grab a spot on the wall of Phase 2 building and introduce Balls to the Wall to the FNGs.  YHC initially called out a 10 second count down the line, but harsh mumblechatter immediately ensued and logic took over, thus the count was reduced to 5 seconds each pax down the line of 16.

Down to the field by Lake Wheeler for a little healthy competition between Teams 1 & 2, with the assurance of a prize for the winning team.  1st person in line sprints to first pole, 5 merkins, sprints to second pole, 5 star jumps, and sprint back to end of line.  Next person in line starts after pax ahead completes merkins.  It came down to the wire, but alas Team 1 brought home the victory, and was rewarded with only 5 burpees.  Team 2 had to knock out 10 burpees.

Over to the other side of the volleyball court for the new exercise introduction – the Chill Cut Punch Jumps.  Start in chill cut, then do 10 left/right punches counted by Q, then thrust up to a broad jump and back into chill cut.  Repeat with about 4 sets of 10 count punches, followed by 3 sets of 8 and 6 counts, ending with 2 sets of 4 and 2 counts.  Not a lot of talking during this one so I assume that means the new exercise was well received. #ornot  Made it to Goode St.

Cross Goode St to the rock pile and partner up.  Each pair grabs a rock.  Partner 1 sprints to the train tracks and back, while Partner 2 does the following exercises with rock, then flapjack:

  • Rock samplers AMRAP
  • Rock squat press AMRAP
  • Rock chops L / R

Before returning the rocks, partner carry to tracks, flapjack and return.

Back to the volleyball court for a quick Merkin pyramind to 5 and back.  Time for some Mary.

LBC x 20, Box Cutter x 10, American Hammers x 20.  Finito.


Announcements: Shirts are being worked on for The Arena.  Once ready, they will be given to any client who completes 2 workouts.  The Arena is now every other Friday at 2:30pm – next one is Friday, Feb. 13th.  WE NEED SOME Q’s FOR FEBRUARY – please sign up or check in with Duff or Countrywide if interested.

Prayer Requests:  Le Don asked us to keep in our prayers the guys at THP not willing to step into The Arena quite yet.

Welcome FNG’s Yo Adrian, Peddler and Turtle Man.  Hope to see back out next time.

YHC ended with a summary of a devotion by Os Hillman entitled Living Forward, Understanding Backward.  It reminded us that while we live life forward, no matter the terrain we encounter, God is with us, in control, and providing grace to equip each of us for our journey.  There will be a time when we can look back in understanding and say “Wow, look at what God has done because of what I gained through that valley.”  Trust Him with the outcome of where you find yourself today.

As always, an honor to lead you men and humbled by the presence at The Arena.

Happy birthday again Captain!