Closing out my 50th bday victory lap/retrospective #5Days5Qs at my K-8 alma mater, Our Lady of Lourdes. Feeling a bit nostalgic all week, I dug out Ye Olde Family Scrolls and found my Kindergarten report card. I’m proud to report that I received high marks in most everything … the only ‘needs improvement’ grade I had was for not knowing how to tie my shoes. There went my shot at an Ivy League education. Check out the music section. First of all look at the nun cranking out a little ‘The House of the Rising Sun’ on the organ. Second, notice the last part of the rubric. I wonder if Charles Manson got high grades in this one

 photo 177f57f4-731c-4083-a645-6c0c61aee938_zpse9cdf4cc.jpg

It has been a fun (?) week and has been challenged by trying to come up with something different every day. It was nice being pushed by all you guys. Upon reading other workout BBs, I realize that I can work to write up something more challenging and that pushes even more. But it will have to wait…I’m sore and tired. It’ll be nice to get back to regular fartsacking.

There were 6-ish that arrived at 5:45 for extra credit (Blue Crush, BoxJump and some others … feel free to sound off and give yourself a pat on the back). The extra credit portion henceforth will be a regular thing ALTHOUGH not “official” or “sanctioned” (and if Boxjump is involved, not “safe”). So come on out on Friday.

So 33 of us were gathered exchanging pleasantries on Oxford Drive as it was closing in on 6am.

Day 5 went something like this (to the best of my recollection…a lot a stuff and I might have forgotten things)

Short trot from meeting place to near corner of Oxford/Anderson for:
-Single count merkin x 50
-SSH x25 IC
-5 double merkin burpees
-Good Morning x 10 IC
-5 Double merkin burpee
-Sir Fazio Arm Circle x 10 IC forward, x10 IC reverse
-5 Hand-release-merkin burpee
-Windmill x 10 IC
-5 hand-release-merkin burpee

Run on, hang a left onto Anderson for a block then another left at Overbrook to the front of the school stopping at the location (according to my memory of an event 45 years ago) that I walked w/ my dad to the Kindergarten classroom on the corner and met Miss Kolb and Sister Mary Regina.
-Burpees x10
-Curb Bearcrawls- bearcrawl across the street, 5 Irkins; backward bearcrawl to original curb, 1 Derkin. Repeat, with descending Irkin (4, 3, 2, 1) and ascending Derkin (2, 3, 4, 5). Ouch.

Run on down the street back to Oxford and hang a left until we get to the driveway/hill between the new deck/bldg and the Fallon Center.

-Bearcrawl halfway up hill to “landing”
-5 burpees
Then into the deck (which sits on the area that used to be the old playground where I dominated on the monkeybars)
-Paint the Lines through the deck.
Exit and take left at Overbrook, left at Oxford back to where we started.

-Bearcrawl up to landing halfway up hill
-5 burpees
-Bearcrawl up next leg of the hill to top parking lot near school (in the area where I dominated in kickball)
-5 more burpees

Plenty of parking lines here in front of Fallon Ctr and the church. Pick a line
-Moving Jump the log (jump over line w/feet together) from one end to other, same thing to back where you started.
-Then 5 double-merkin burpees
Repeat above w/ descending Double-Merkin Burpees (4, 3, 2, 1) Ouch

On same line
-Bearcrawl up, backward bearcrawl back to where you started
-Then 5 Groiners
Repeat above w/ descending Groiners (4, 3, 2, 1) Ouch

Exit parking lot back out onto Overlook, down hill to corner of Overlook/Oxford.

Hill Ladder (Overlook from Oxford to Kittrell)
Top = Double-merkin burpees – 6
Bottom = WWII Situps – 1
Repeat (5/2 –> 1/6)

Stagger to Deck for
Homer-to-Marge x50 IC (The Captain’s wife woke up early and presented him with a set of HtoM prior to the workout so I have to take credit for doubling down on these … well, actually it was probably more like a x12 IC count)
Freddie Merc x10 IC
Hammer x10 IC
Freddie Merc x10 IC
Hammer x10 IC
Freddie Merc x10 IC


Krispy Kreme Challenge Feb 14
F3Raleigh Convergience March 7 Pullen Park
Tir Na Nog St. Patty 8k/Kilt Run Mar 7
Mud Run Challenge – Apr 11
Whiplash at the NCMA on Saturdays 6:30

Duece took us out in BoM

Thanks for a great week and all the well wishes!