Ever since my third F3 workout, Banjo has been an insistent gnat in my ear to lead a Q.  I deflected his requests with a myriad of excuses—mostly that I didn’t know the lexicon, exicon, decepticon, or cadences of F3.   Realizing that one of the missions of F3 is to develop and strengthen leadership, I finally succumbed to Banjo’s request—and then he didn’t even show up!

Why does the PAX always seem way more excited about the Virgin Q that the actual Virgin Q himself?  I tortured myself and the M all week by practicing cadences at home: cadence with changing diapers, cadence doing dishes, and cadence in the Fartsack (if you know what I mean).

That being said, I appreciated the support from Heckling, eye-rolling, and Burt wearing one Flip Flop.  Thanks for the added verbal support and cueing for cadences—-I was sketchy at best.   Anyway, I had fun…hope you did too!

Banjo did have a word of advice for leading a virgin Q: “Don’t get cute, just keep it simple”.  So, I decided to get cute and celebrate T.G.I.F. Danger Zone Style.



1 lap around parking lot with a mix of low knees, high knees, and butt kicks.

SSH x 15, GM x 10, GM Phelps x 10, Fazio arm circles forward/reverse.


Tha Thang

Mosey around lot with a couple more low knees, high knees, butt kicks.

Guard rail four-pack x 10: overhand pull-up, Irkin, underhand pull-up, dip.  Repeato

Mosey to parking lot and partner up on parking lines.

Tandem Line Drills:  partner 1 lateral plank travelers down-back, partner 2 fast-feet line. Flip.

Partner 1 lateral plank travelers down-back, partner 2 line hops. Flip.

Partner 1 lateral plank travelers down-back, partner 2 MC Hammers. Flip

Two Amigos between sets.

Mosey to field and line up 2 arm lengths apart:

Tweener runs:  PAX performs Imperial Walkers during man’s Tweener run.

PAX performs Gorilla Humpers during man’s Tweener run.

Inchworm Travelers x ~10 yd. (mostly a fail secondary to poor Q communication)

Global Warming:  ~12-14 min total with sprinkled exercises of Floyd Mayweathers, Good Morning Abby, Flutter Airplanes, Flutter supermans, Tzebra butt-kicks.

Jog to grass hill.

Two-Person Wheelbarrow up ~40 yd grass hill—alternating as needed.  PAX complaining/whining/grumbling, so QIC called mini audible (thanks Pergo).

Partner Up again at top of grass hill.

T.G.I.F Rock Wall exercise.  One partner performs Travoltas.  Other partner sprints to the T.G.I.F. rock wall, touch and return to partner.  Flip x 3. For the sprint portion, man touches Thankful rock and silently gives thanks, runs through the Good Intention portal and silently gives a good intention for the day, touches Forgiveness rock and silently forgives himself/someone else.

COT at T.G.I.F rock wall.

Count-a-rama and name-a-rama:  19

Announcements:  9-11 stair run, ?

Prayer Concerns and McCants took us out.