With the 3 hr time difference getting up at 5 was easy for YHC and as I looked down on the gloom and the darkness of Sin City I was excited to get over to the MGM and see how many PAX we’d have for the first #F3Vegas and if there would be any FNGs.  The run over from Aria to MGM was pretty uneventful there were some characters to be sure but it appeared most everyone had called it a night or morning.  I arrived at the Lions in front of MGM to stretch and all things were good until a nice Lady and her two male friends decided to proposition me.  YHC was humbled that they thought I’d be interested but quickly I b-lined to the inside of the MGM to complete my stretch.  A few mins later I decided to head back out to wait.  Thankfully this time I was joined by a fellow F3 Pax.  Snuffelupagus to the rescue!  After a quick catch up Suffelupagus reminded me I was in the wrong spot to meet the others we ran over to the other side of MGM and met Elisnore and Hanson.  2 FNGs joined the frey and it was time for kick off.  YHC gave the Disclaimer and we were off…

The Thang…

Run over to the side of MGM.

SSH X 20, IPs X 20, Merkins X 20, and Mtn Climbers X 20

Run Back over to where I was propositioned.

Durkins, Dips, and Urkins X 20- 2 Sets

Run the Stairs and Bridge from MGM to NY NY X 4 Times

Squats X 16 – 8 Sets with 10 sec break between sets

Bear Crawl Across Bridge

Durkins, Dips and Urkins X 20 1 Set

Bear Crawl or Crab back across bridge

Merkins X 10- 8 Sets with 10 sec rest between

Mary- 30 WWII Sit Ups, Plank Inch Worms X 3, Protractor

COT- Prayers for Hanson’s neighbor who was just diagnosed with Breast Cancer, One of our Peer’s Mike Garner’s Brother who just had a Kidney and Liver transplant, Our Wives who are back home with our kid’s, New Mexico’s little one Sutton who’s got a Virus.  Announcements- F3 Vegas continues Wednesday AM with Elisnore taking over Q responsibilities.  Welcome FNGs Webus and Nudis twins from Bean Town!  Glad you could make it!