YHC was out to attempt to push the limits a bit at a workout previously known to do so.  Message received and confirmed by the Pax (too cold to determine anyways) and without hesitation off we go to explore the hollowed grounds of the NCMA.

Jog quick pace down Capital Area Greenway (CAG) and right at Blue Loop/CAG merge.  Checked up at next CAG/BL intersection for Warm Up:

SSH X 20, Windmills X 15, Imperial Walkers X 20, Merkins X 15

Run down to Rock Pile and choose a rock.  11s on same hill just descended with Burpees and Rocket Thrusters. #clockburner

Pick your rock back up for some gun work:

15 X Chest Press Hip Thruster (ea. leg), 15 X Bent Rows, 15 X Tri. Ext, 15 X Bent Rows with leg up (ea. leg), 15 X Rock Diamond Merkins (or not on rock…’don’t break your face’)

Run to Painted Kite to get the blood pumping again:

20 X Knee Tuck OYO, 20 X Running Man #80saerobics, 20 X Burpees

Run to Top O’ Ampitheater for some core work:

12 X of ea. exercise and remain in plank in b/w:

Peter Parker Merkin, Plank Jacks, Mountain Climbers, Parker Peter, Chillcut

AYG to Parking Lot for Mary:

LBCs X 25, Merican’ Hammers X 30


Strong work by the Pax today.  There’s a few Workouts/AOs at which you know you’ll be challenged. Whiplash is one of them.  Put this workout in your rotation if you’re up for pushing your limits.

Already looking forward to Spring when we can utilize the ‘off road’ spots at NCMA #endlessopportunity

Prayers for Blue Crush family through pain and potential surgery.  Apologies if I missed any other prayers or praises specifically.

YHC prayed us out to begin the weekend as He would have us.

Thanks to Maize and Vector Victor for having me out.

Honored and humbled to be a part of it all.