The banjo is a beautiful instrument, full of history and nostalgia. It has a sound that, when played well, evokes Americana to the highest degree. It’s roots are African, brought to our country by slaves via the West Indies. The Scots Irish came down through the Cumberland Gap into Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, and North Carolina with their fiddles in tow, and soon were introduced to the banjo by the Africans. Music was the #catalyst that brought them together. We are lucky in North Carolina. We live in a state that is ground zero for American acoustic music. Names like Charlie Poole, Earl Scruggs, Doc Watson, Wade Mainer, Etta Baker. Places like Mt. Airy, Deep Gap, Wilkesboro, Asheville, Union Grove. Open your ears to the sound of the South folks. #historylesson

Those of you who aren’t snoring by now will know that we did suffer a beatdown this morning. Per Twitter discussions the previous night, burpees would be used as ammunition on the PAX. Here’s the lowdown:

No FNGs. Off we go down the path to the soccer field. Circle up for Warmup COP
SSH x 20
Windmill x 10
Imperial Walker x 20
Burpee x 20 OYO

Brisk jog down the path to Glen Eden. 12 of us present. 6 on one side of GE, 6 on the other. AYG up to Edwards Mill, stop halfway up with 10 burpees. Finish a the top with 10 burpees. AYG back down, stopping halfway with 10 burpees. Finish at the bottom with 10 burpees. Plank til all are finished.


Brisk jog back into park and up to the picnic shelter. Find a spot at a table.
Incline merkin x 20
Box jump x 25
Decline Peter Parker x 10
Alt L/R step up x 20

Incline merkin x 20
Box jump x 20
Decline Peter Parker x 10
Alt L/R step up x 20

Brisk jog up to basketball courts. Split in 2 groups. Group 1 jogs to the far baseline of the far court.
Group 2 bear crawls length of both courts
Group 1 AMRAP monkey humpers
Groups sprint length of both courts. Groups sprint length of 1 court and meet in the middle for Mary

Plank walk-L<R<F<B<L<R Putin<Sarkozy<L leg up<R leg up<Chilcutt

10 burpees
5 burpees

STRONG work PAX. An absolute honor and priviledge to lead