When you show up and there isn’t a Q, a good rule is to not let Cardiac volunteer.  This was the case this morning.  6 PAX regret that.

Run to the circle for warm up

SSH x 20

WMH x 10

IW x 10

Squats x 10

arm circles x 10

reverse x 10

MC x 10

Merkins x 10

We were good and warmed up for the thang.  Cardiac sent us all to the inclined road.  Half of us did leg raises while others did 30 jump lunges.  We then ran up the road for 10 burpees and back down.  Cardiac felt we needed more so we did leg raises while the others did frog jumps x 30.  Yes 30.

We ran towards the playground for a mini 2 Ply Q but Cardiac wanted to stop at the curbs for 30 leg reverses on both legs.  We finally made our way to the playground for sets of  10 pull-ups each while others waiting do various exercises such as burpees, merkins, spidermans, LBC’s.  We did three sets of those.

Cardiac wasn’t tired enough just yet, so we did decline ab exercises on the swing.  I can’t describe it.  Cardiac will have to demonstrate for you.  We then ran back to the field for karaoke x 2, ground touching shuffles x 2, and lung walking to Mary.


Russian hammer x 15

Long slow flutter x 15

freddy mercury x 15


great way to start a Saturday.