YHC had been planning on signing up to Q Flood Zone soon and Au Pair gave me an opening with his last minute need for a sub. And just like many other things in life, audibles must be called. This morning’s edition of Flood Zone was no different, and it was fun as hell.

Quick mosey up to the blinking light and across the street to face the great and powerful mound of earth called Hingis Kahn(until somebody comes up with a different name that sticks). I’m not sure of the grade of this hill, but it’s no freaking joke. 5 burpees at the bottom, run up, 5 burpees at the top. Down as fast as you can and repeat as many times as possible until we need to head back to meet the rest of the pax. Most guys made the trip thrice. Strong!

Meet the pax, 3 FNGs, dos from Chapel Hill, uno from South Charlotte. Disclaimer given.

Mountain CLimber x 15
Imperial Walker x 15
Good Morning x 15
SSH x 15

Mosey to the bottom of the big ramp for 10…err 4 rounds of Tyson. Run up the ramp, 10 reps of called exercise, run the flat-10 reps, down the shorter ramp-10 reps, up the shorter ramp-10 reps, run the flat-10 reps, down the big ramp-Mary and wait for the pax.
-Sumo Squat
-Dying Cockroach
-8 point manmakers
Audible out

Mosey over to Belk. Bear crawl to first lamp post, sprint to second, bear crawl to third, sprint to the end.
Alternate bear crawl, dragon walk, & gorilla crawl back to starting point.

Mosey back into the deck for a set of Swiss Merkins

Mosey back to the cars and circle up for Mary
American Hammer x 30

Today was an exercise in many things for YHC. We altered the workout on the fly so that all the pax could stay closer together and help push one another. I know the young bucks could have pushed more and gone faster. Next time I’ll post the exercises at the starting point so that each pax can reference it and go at his own speed. #learningeveryday 3 FNGs today which was very solid for mid-winter. Thanks to Overdraft for bringing out Yukon Cornelius and Rest Stop. I am humbled at the strength these two showed with the recent loss they have both suffered. My sincere hope is that they experienced the same thing I did during my first post. I hope they felt no judgement. I hope they felt good. I hope they felt that they just made 23 new friends. Thanks so much for the honor to Q. I’m always surprised at what happens during an F3 workout. Today was no different. Aye!

-F3 Raleigh 3rd anniversary convergence, 3/7/15, Pullen
-Mud Run, 4/11/15
-KK Challenge, 2/14/15