30 PAX entered the Gloom for the Urban Jungle Boogie.

20 Good mornings
20 Windmills
10×2 Sir Fazio Arm Circles

Two lines of Indian Runs (“Twin’dian runs”?) to the Target parking lot for opening round (for a change of pace, we dodged a car on this back stretch of the parking lot).
The PAX then met the “C.L.I.M.B.”
C = 2 Carolina Drydrocks
L = 4 Lunges
I = 6 Imperial Walkers
M = 8 Mountain Climbers
B = 10 Burpees

1 round of Squerkins, 10 count each: According to “The Exicon”, a Squerkin is as follows: “Two man teams. First man in merkin position with second man behind holding first mans legs at his waist. First man does one merkin with his legs elevated. Second man perfroms [sic] one squat using the body weight of the first mans legs. Begin again for # of reps called by Q. (Thanks Hotspot in Charleston/Summerville.)” Admittedly, this looks a little weird.

Proceed via Twin’dian Runs to the North State bank parking lot.
1 set of C.L.I.M.B. OYO
20 prisoner squats
PAX then divided into four teams for the TWIN TOWERS.
Each of the 4 teams moseyed to a separate starting point: either 1) top or 2) bottom of the BOFA tower, and 3) top or 4) bottom of Captrust Tower), completing a C.L.I.M.B at each of the four stations, until each team ascended and descended each tower, four C.L.I.M.B.s total.

Teams re-assembled beneath the Construction art between the towers for planks until all returned. YHC among the last to arrive.
10 rep Lt. Dans, which per the Exicon, are “A Squat and 2 Single-leg Lunge combination in ascending rep counts of each, usually up to 10. (Thanks Fonzie in NWInd)”

10×2 Squerkins later, the PAX returned to the JC Penny wall and recovered in the People’s chair to all arrived.
PAX then divided into partnerships of three. Partner 1 held BTTW, Partner 2 sprinted across parking lot to begin AMRAP squats, Partner 3 bear-crawled from Wall to Partner 2’s position, tagging and relieving until each partner had hit each station.

20 LBCs
20 Boxcutters
20 LBFCs, which per the Exicon, are “Aka Little Baby Flutter Crunch. On your 6, feet do flutter kick while upper body does crunch. Ignore number of times your legs move, only count crunches. (Thanks Hot Tub in Columbia.)”


Maize had a series of announcements, including Third F opportunities; see website for details. Standing invitations to Q at UJ and other AOs were renewed by Site-Qs. Praise of thanks were offered for recent successes in professional endeavors.

Good showing at Coffee to follow with PAX from other AOs.