The Neal brothers dealt a one two punch to the PAX of 26 on a cold, cold morning in Raleighwood.  Howard hit em high and Floppy hit em low (gotta watch out for those short guys, they never fight fair)!

The Thang:

(Howard lead)

Warmup at the playground with SSH x 25, URPS x 20, Fazio arms forward and back

Partner up, one man does Decline Swing Merkins x 15, other does Carolina Dry Docks x 15, flap jack. Repeato x 10. Repeato x 5.

Run to upper parking lot by swimming pool and count off into two teams.  First team runs half lap around outside of tree line while second team does exercise.  When first team reaches half lap point they do exercise until second team gets up and runs to meet up with first team.  Repeato until both teams have done all following exercises.

  1. Plank right foot up
  2. Plank left foot up
  3. Plank right foot left hand up
  4. Plank left foot right hand up
  5. Mtn climbers
  6. Plank jacks
  7. Low plank hold
  8. Star plank

Run to the rock pile and find a friend.  Spend some special time with your friend…Squats x 20, Squat hold with group count to 5, Squats x 10 with rock over head.

More special time with your friend…Mary on the Rocks

  • Freddy Mercury
  • Russian Hammers
  • LBC
  • Cannonballs
  • Dying Cockroach
  • Flutter Kick
  • LBC
  • Six inch hold with rock on feet (lots of noise on this one!)

Return rocks to pile and head to ball field for some Floppy Time!

(Floppy lead for The Starfish)

Count off into 5 groups.  Cones placed at 5 points, 20 yards out from a central cone, in a star shape.  Everyone starts at center.  Group 1 will begin with cone 1 (10 burpees), group 2 begins with cone 2 (20 star jumps), group 3 begins with cone 3 (30 merkins), group 4 begins with cone 4 (40 squats), group 5 begins with cone 5 (50 LBC).  Groups will travel from center cone to exercise cone and back by bear crawl.  10 SSH upon return to center cone.  All groups visits each cone and completes exercise.

Had just enough time to complete 1 full set of The Starfish and then a half set (5 burpees, 10 star jumps, 15 merkins, 20 squats, 25 LBC) before time to run back to park entrance for COT.


Howard (my older brother) put the hurt on the PAX with the rock play.  Glad he left them a little bit of gas for the starfish.  Great turnout for such a cold day (19 degrees at 7am) and 3 FNGs too!

Buck Rogers decoder report: