8 PAX gathered in the gloom when the shovel flag was planted.

The Thang:

Jog to the tennis courts for a warmup consisting of Side Shuffle Hop, Good Mornings, Fazio Arm Circles and Imperial Walkers. Next we aligned for 5 sets of Pyramid Suicides across the courts. A short jog to the rock pile for 3 sets of Bicep Curls and overhead Tricep Extensions followed by 3 sets of Calf raises, Quick Feet and Mini Jump-Ups on the wheel stops in the parking lot. After a set of staggered Merkins on the wheel stop, we pushed out some Dips and Step-ups on the picnic tables. A quick round of Mary consisting of Little Baby Crunches, Rosalitas, Canonballs and Russian Hammers and a COT.


T-claps to the crew for powering thru an early morning workout after the Bowl. There seems to be no better way to start a day after a late night and, in some cases, a lingering cloud of depression, than to breath in some crisp morning air and flex the cardiac muscle. Aye!