This morning on Christmas Eve we had 17 brave PAX in the hardest of rains for a rousing rendition of the Twelve Days of Christmas.  Brave they were as they feigned laughter at YHC’s attempt to modify this Christmas song to a very Chapel Hill F3 beatdown.  After a Warm Up of SSH x12, Windmills x12, Arm Circles x24, SSH x12, Mountain Climbers x12 and Merkins x12, we called an audible and ran to the Cobb parking deck on campus and here’s how it went:

On the first day of Christmas, F3 gave to me a burpee a-la-Dunphy (a 5 merkin burpee with 5 SSH).  Then we ran one revolution around the parking deck for Day 2 which was 2 Jump Squats led by Gopher, and of course 1 burpee a-la-Dunphy.  Each day had a Q to do cadence and modify as he saw fit (i.e. wide grip or slow merkins instead of standard)  I will not attempt to recreate all the iterations, but here are the exercises and their Q…sing if you’d like:

1 burpee a-la-Dunphy (YHC)
2 jump squats (Gopher x2 in cadence)3 WWIIs (Costanza)
4 dry docks (Bushwood x2 in cadence)
5 LBCs (TO x2 in cadence)
6 geezers-a-lunging (Spooky x2 in cadence)
7 mountains-a-climbing (Marky Mark x2 in cadence)
8 maids-a-merkins (Coco x2 cadence)
9 americans-a-twisting (Burt x2 in cadence)
10 loans-a-leaping (standing jumps, knees up, Subrpime)
11 planks-a-jacking (Te’o x2 in cadence)
12 burpees Bernied (no Bernie, so Cardiac took this one)

After finally getting through the whole song, we decided we needed a refrain and went through every exercise again, this time doing 12 of each with sprints in between every two sets.  Doing the math and taking the cadence into account that’s 850 reps and of course some really bad singing by YHC.


Ran back to Outdoor Ed Center.

T-claps to Burt for making his debut appearance at F3 Chapel Hill on Christmas Eve in the pouring rain and for my Q.  Burt EH’d me to get out in April and I haven’t looked back.  Can’t thank him enough (in addition to putting up with me every day).  Second, T-claps to Kim Jong Still, for his first post in the rain on Christmas Eve.  Hope to see plenty more of you.  That name takes some explanation (Johnson City, IT services).  Easily my favorite Q yet, along with the funniest FNG naming I’ve ever heard.  Looking forward to a great 2015 for F3 in Chapel Hill.

Merry Christmas