On a cool misty morning 16 pax set off at Fletcher Park to slip and slide their way through the slop.  First order of business was the warm up by that weird yard art:  SSH, Good Mornings, Windmills & Merkins.  Then off through the swamp.  We split into odds and evens.  Bear crawls up to the fence and back down while the other group plank it out, flapjack & repeato x3.  Moving up the park to Hamburger Hill for a modified Jacob’s Ladder.  Burpees at the bottom and Burpees at the top.  Climb the ladder from 1 burpee up to 5 and back down.  The hill proved a little treacherous thanks to yesterday’s rain.  If only that was the worst of it.  After the ladder we slipped and skated across the muddy field to the tennis courts.  Dusted off a Rose High soccer classic, the 6 section, on the tennis courts.  This one was a challenge to explain: each court has 6 sections (baseline, baseline to net, net to other baseline, other baseline, other baseline to net, net to original baseline).  Now you know the “6” sections, jog 1 section sprint 1 section, jog 1 sprint 2 sections, jog 1 sprint 3 and so on until jog 1 sprint 6.  Jog another lap and I put an end to the confusion.  So we hit the fence behind the baseline.  Group 1 (remember your number) crab walk from the fence to the net and back, group 2 balls to the wall, flapjack.  Next round was lunges to the net with group 2 in a people’s chair.  It should be noted that even the tennis courts were slippery this morning with a few folks ending up on the people’s behind.

I led the group to higher, drier ground at the picnic shelter.  Group 1 5 pull ups & 5 knees to elbow while group 2 ran up to the stone circle for 10 jump ups, flapjack.  Round 2 was 5 curl ups into side leg raises while group 2 ran to the circle for 10 derkins, flapjack.  Round 3 was Dips while group 2 ran to the circle for 10 jump ups, flapjack.  Mary – LBCs, Freddie Mercury’s & Merican Hammers to finish up.